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Privacy Policy

WitchHunter Performance does not rent, sell, or otherwise make available our customer lists and/or contact information to anyone outside of our company.

We will not send you email with any promotions, sales, or any other types of spam.

All credit cards are processed using a reputable processing company that is recommended by our bank. No credit card information is kept after processing or stored on our computers.

Warranty Policy

Each injector serviced is tested before returning them to the customer and we believe our test data and methods to be adequate.

WitchHunter Performance assumes no liability and will not pay for labor, damage, rental car, hotel, towing claims, etc. arising from the installation or use of the serviced fuel injectors. WitchHunter Performance does not authorize any person, agent, distributor, dealer, repair technician, service facility, or company to change, modify, supplement or amend this policy.

We have no control to insure the proper installation or knowledge the condition of the rest of the fuel system. Improper handling and/or installation can damage the injector and may cause fuel leaks. It is recommended that you consult a service manual specific for your application or hire a trained mechanic if needed.

We do not warranty cleaned injectors, since no moving components are replaced during the course of our service. If you believe that you have an injector problem after receiving your serviced injectors, please contact within 15 days and we will attempt to help determine what the problem may be.

Pricing & Non-Payment Policy

Prices are subject to change without notice. Payment for services rendered are due immediately upon completion. Injectors will become property of WitchHunter Performance if payment is not paid in full after 30 days.

If you have any questions or concerns about our policy, please contact us at: info@witchhunter.com or call us at 206-919-0794