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Before you call... Please read or Cleaning & Testing Service page and our Shipping Instructions pages. Most all your questions will be answered. Here are the answers to commonly asked questions...

  1. Current turn times are listed on our Home page.
  2. Our Cleaning and Flow testing service for all injectors cost $23 each.
  3. O-rings, seals, etc. and before / after test data are included with our cleaning & flow testing service.
  4. Yes, we service cold-start injectors.
  5. Our shipping address in on the Customer information sheet that you will need to enclose with your injectors. The link is located on our Shipping Instructions page.
  6. Don't call and ask if we received your injectors, that is what your tracking number is for.

Please respect our time, we are very busy and we have to stop doing what we are doing to answer the phone. We don't always answer the phone at times, best to drop us an email.

We don't mind answering technical questions.


We don't answer voicemails on this number.