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Shipping instructions


We have changed the way we accept injectors, we are now doing this to keep from getting overloaded and insure better turn times.
Please email us at info@witchhunter.com and include the following information:

Be aware that we don't always get all of our emails, so wait a day or two and resend.

Your Name
Number of injectors and what they are out of.
Any special instructions.

I will send you a form to fill out and enclose with your injectors.



It is best just to leave the o-rings, seals, etc. on your injectors, as we will return them anyway. At a minimum, leave the parts on at least one injector so we can ensure that you get the proper replacements. Normally we know what to use, but in some cases where the customer is using them in non-stock applications we like to be sure.

Please do not send fuel rails, hold-down brackets, clips, etc.

As a courtesy to us, please clean the grime and dirt and grease off the injectors. This business requires a clean environment to ensure good work.

We will charge $2.00 each for any injector that are not serviceable or any extra, or spares sent in to us. It may be a good idea check the coil resistance of each injector before sending them in to verify that that are within 10% of each other. Coils can fail on any injector, especially those are known to have coil winding issues, see our "Problem injectors" page has more information on this.

It is advised that you install and use injectors within 30 days after you receive them back to minimize any chance of them sticking. If you don't plan on using the injectors for a long time, it may be best to wait before sending them in.

If they do have to sit for extended periods, don't allow them to dry out and store them in a plastic bag or airtight container and store indoors.

Packing and shipping

Wrap your injectors individually in a paper towel and put them in a plastic bag to keep the package from smelling of gasoline. This keeps the shipping folks happy.

It is recommended that your injectors are shipped in a box and not in a padded envelope to keep them from getting damaged.

Please get delivery conformation or a tracking number so you know when we receive your injectors. We are known to get a bit grumpy when people call and interrupt our work and ask if we have received their injectors.

Please do not ship your fuel rails or mounting hardware, or additional charges will apply.

Expedited service

We do not offer this service at this time.

Turn times

Please check our current turn times on our home page.

Our current turn times can change depending on what comes in on any given day. Unfortunately we don't have any control on what arrives each day. We will try very hard to get your injectors completed in a timely manner while maintaining our quality of work.

We typically work 80 hours a week, so it would be appreciated if you keep unnecessary phone calls to a minimum. We don't mind technical questions, but most other information can be found here on the website.

Please check your tracking information if you want to know if we received your injectors.

Return shipping

We return ship via priority mail and charge a $12.00 flat rate for any amount of injectors.

Express mail return shipping is available for $30.00, please indicate that you would like this on the information sheet included with your injectors. Ten injectors maximum.

$50 insurance will be provided on return shipments.

If you require more, please note it on the customer information sheet, $2.00 for the first $100
$1.50 for each additional $100.

We do not ship internationally, only to US addresses. with the following exception:
The owner is a veteran and we will gladly ship to our military personnel using APO or FPO addresses.

Payment information

We will only accept Visa, Master Card, money order, or PayPal as payment.
No checks will be accepted.

Credit cards

If paying by credit card be sure to include your credit card info and sign the credit card authorization on the information sheet. Not providing this information may delay shipping your injectors back to you.

The form must be signed... if you want your injectors serviced.
The injectors must be shipped to the name on the card.
If your card is declined for any reason, a $5.00 fee will be added to the total.

All credit card numbers will be destroyed when shipped, unless we are instructed to keep it on file for returning customers.


If paying by PayPal, we will e-mail you a request for payment after we complete the injectors. Please include your PayPal e-mail address.
For fastest service, please use a credit card. Using PayPal may cause a delay in shipping your injectors.

Some e-mail filters can keep payment requests from reaching you in a timely manner.

Money order

If paying by money order, make it out to WitchHunter Performance. If you have any question about the total, please contact us.

Sales Tax

We only charge sale tax for return addresses in Washington state at the rate of where it is being delivered. If you need to know what the total will be, please send us an e-mail with your shipping address and we will provide you the appopriate sales tax.

If you are a business and have a Washington Resale certificate, please enclose a copy with your injectors.

Our shipping address

Our shipping address is located on the top of the customer information sheet, please enter it exactly as shown as it will work for all carriers.

While you are waiting...

Now is a good time to replace your fuel filter and check the entire fuel system, vacuum hoses, etc.
In cases that the vehicle has sat for years, you should to drain the old gas, inspect the tank, pump, and all other fuel related components.
Having debris, water, or metal shavings can get into your newly serviced injectors and cause problems. Note :We will not re-clean them for free due to comtamination.
Don't add any fuel additives at this time, as it will interfere with the ECU learning the serviced injectors. These can be added at a later date if needed.

Injectors we do not service


Direct Injection, called GDI

GM spyder

CIS injectors


Please check this website for and latest turn times, closures, customer information sheets, etc, before shipping. Everything is subject to change without notice.