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Choosing the right injector shop

WitchHunter Performance would like you to use our shop for cleaning and testing your fuel injectors.
If you are in the process of selecting a shop, maybe I can give you a few tips.

1) Probably the most important thing is to find a place the services injectors as their primary business

Any mechanic or auto parts house can purchase a flow testing machine and service a few injectors now and then as the need arises. The problem is, that they probably haven't serviced enough injectors to learn how to service them properly and the "tricks of the trade". Although we are not talking "rocket science" here, it does take servicing quite a few thousand injectors to know what methods work or doesn't work. Complicating this issue is that there are thousands of part numbers and types, also finding data/specifications on most injectors is near impossible.

Best to let them an unexperienced shop learn on somebody else's injectors. If they are really incompetent, an inexperienced shop attempting to clean them can actually make them flow worse and sometimes actually damage the injector.

We have serviced hundreds of thousands fuel injectors and that is what we specialize in. WitchHunter Performance probably does more injectors in a week or two than someplace that has a machine in the back room does all year long and only does it part-time. Each month we service a set or two that some other shop did poorly.

2) Be suspicious of any shop that make outrageous claims.

Guaranteeing that your injectors will flow within certain percentage after they are done with them. Since most fuel injectors can not be adjusted to change flow slightly, and even new injectors flow can vary, claims like this is a lie. Most likely, places like this are changing the test data to look good. Unfortunately, there are a small number shops that operate like this.

3) A good cleaning job takes time

If you are looking at a place that says they can clean your injectors in a hour or two, that is not a necessarily good thing. If they do, one of two things may be happening:

They are using a strong solvent for cleaning that can damage the internal seals and / or coil winding insulation. This can take years off the life of an injector.

Or if they are using the correct type of cleaning fluid, they are just not doing the job completely in that short of time.

For stuck or rusted injectors, it can take days to get them working properly again.

4) Any good shop will supply test data.

The test report should include, at a minimum the following:

Each injector should be numbered, so they can be matched to the supplied test data.
Static flow in cc/min. or lbs/hr.
Pulsed flow rate. (A very important test)
Leak test
Spray pattern

It may be best to pass on any injector shop that doesn't supply test data.

5) Don't pay more for servicing side-feed injectors.

I am always puzzled why some shops charge a very high premium for servicing side-feed injectors, some get up to $50 each!

The truth is, they don't require anything more than the proper test fixture to do the job. Maybe years ago parts for some were difficult to source for side-feed injectors... but not anymore. They are just looking to getting more of your money.

6) Check them out.

It is always a good idea to check out any prospective shop out with the Better Business Bureau for complaints, how long they have been in business, etc. Also check a forum for your particular application.

Call the prospective shop and see if they seem to know what they are doing.