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Fuel Injector Connector types

Various types of electrical connectors are used on fuel injectors, all of them have just two contacts. and most of the newer designs are waterproofed to prevent corrosion. Each will require the proper type of connector.


Only found on the early Bosch and Bendix hose-end type of injectors.

early injector connector

EV-1 Minitimer square type

The most common type, used on Bosch injectors until the late 90's. Also found on some Denso and JECS injectors. Note the centered tab both inside and on the outer perimeter.

miniimer connector

Square type / offset tab

Used on a few JECS and Denso injectors.

offset square injector connector

Keihin type

keihin connector

EV-6 USCAR type

Found on newer Bosch injectors.

EV-6 connector

Delphi Multec2

Only on the new slim bodied Delphi injectors.

Delphi Multec2 Connector

Japanese oval

Usually found on newer Denso and JECs injectors.

denso connector

Another Japanese oval type

Similar to the one shown above, also used on Denso and JECS injectors. Careful examination and you can note the different side tab location from the one above.

oval injector connector 2

And another Japanese oval type

Rectangular with rounded corners and has tabs on both the sides and bottom. This type is found on JECS side-feed injectors.

injector connector